How not to lose your Halcyon reel (English)

Many people have mysteriously lost their Halcyon reel.
Most of the time it's the way the supplied double-ender is clipped to the handle.
There is indeed a good and a bad way to clip it; and unfortunately, the most obvious way is the wrong way.
The picture below shows the wrong way, clipped "from the inside out"






The next series of pictures show how the clip gate can be accidently pushed open if the reel is twisted in the right way.








Below is the correct way to clip a double-ender to a Halcyon reel... (from the outside in)
the other pictures show that there is now far less chance to accidently push open the clip gate.








To close this, a small video that demonstrates the unclipping when clipped in the wrong way followed by the proper way to clip the reel.

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