Stage leash (English)

Below you can find some pictures of the stage leash I use.
In fact I have several and still have to decide between the 2 below.

The first one is the classic stage leash; built from a piece of 5mm breaded nylon rope knotted together with a fisherman's knot.
The piece of hose is to avoid twisting.
In the future I plan to use a regular boltsnap instead of the double-ender to give a more secure connection.






The second is a more fancy version made up from a piece of rope, a boltsnap and a stainless steel ring.
Besides the fact that it looks more cool, it's also easier to clip stuff onto and keep it organized.
The drawback is that it's a bit "stiffer" so maybe next time I may lose the piece of hose...



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Continuous blender sheet (English)

As promised, I've uploaded my excel sheet to calculate the settings for continuous blending with 2 nitrox sticks and 2 O2 analysers.

You can download it HERE.

This sheet is a work in progress for myself, so it's not that structured.
Blue cells can be modified, green/red cells are calculated.
The sheet will warn you if the result gives you O2 concentrations over 36%..
The maximum I am willing to pump.

The top row you enter your current tank contents and the desired tank contents.

The lower rows give you different filling options.
Full continuous blending.
Partial filling with O2 and topping of with pre-entered max. O2 concentration
topp-off with nitrox only